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Cultural Safety Audit Tools


Cultural Safety Audit Tool for Individuals

The Cultural Safety Audit Tool for Individuals is designed to assess an individual’s level of development in understanding critical elements of cultural safety and working to create culturally safe experiences with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals.

This is done through a rubric that contains three critical areas of impact on cultural safety: racism, social-cultural context and being an ally. For each focal area, the individual must honestly self-assess their practices, ideas and actions to determine their score for each focal area.

Organisations can request their members complete the survey regularly to determine their progress towards cultural safety, or individuals who personally decide to track their cultural safety development can also use the audit tool. The audit tool can be used as a once-off reflection task, or regularly to track development.


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Cultural Safety Audit Tool for Organisations

The Cultural Safety Audit Tool for Organisations is designed to assess an organisation’s commitment to a level of development in embedding cultural safety. This is done through the organisation completing a rubric with between one and four elements for each focal area, where a company must honestly assess the organisation on a scale between one and five.

The focal areas include Leadership, Governance, Engagement, Environment, Workforce, Workforce Development, Policy and Performance Management, which are essential for a culturally safe environment.

It was designed for both non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations in a range of fields including but not limited to health, higher education, human services, research and policy.

It is best to be used on a regular basis to track the organisation's progression and development in generating a culturally safe environment, such as every 6 or 12 months.

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What to expect

When you order either of the tools, you will receive it in two forms. You will be sent a hard copy version of the tool – this is very helpful as this provides the full information on the tool, including how the assessment process works, and ways to approach the assessment. How you approach the assessment is particularly important for the organisational tool.

You will see the full rubric so you can review and think about how you will answer it, and you also get the background information on what informed development of the tool.

You will also be sent access information on the digital version of the rubric. It is here that you can complete the rubric by selecting the answer that fits for you current situation. You will be sent the outcomes in the form of a graph.

The tools are designed so you can re-assess on an annual basis. Each time you complete the digital rubric, you get an updated graph that includes your results over time. This provides a clear idea of whether you are progressing or not, and in which areas.

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