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Lowitja Institute Project Grants 2020 – 2023

Lowitja Institute research commissioning aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations to transform their ideas into aspirations that meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and improve health and wellbeing outcomes within a generation. The Lowitja Institute Project Grants support the research of new ideas that align to the Lowitja Institute Research Agenda themes: Empowerment, Sovereignty, Connectedness, and Cultural safety and Respectful Systems in the health sector.


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Miwatj Health Literacy Tool

This project deliberately aims to define health literacy from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective. More specifically, it involves developing and trialling an organisational health literacy assessment tool and data gathering and analysis process that best reflects the health and wellbeing priorities of the Yolngu communities of the East Arnhem region of the Northern Territory.

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Development of a Service Delivery Model for Supported Youth Accommodation

This project aims to develop the most effective supported accommodation service delivery model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people experiencing homelessness in Queensland. The project will develop a practice framework and a monitoring and evaluation framework.  

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Longitudinal study of remote Aboriginal children: The Bigiswun Kid Project

This project will follow-up the participants of the Lililwan Project to understand the wellbeing of adolescents in community. The Bigiswun Kid Project will provide information on longitudinal outcomes for adolescents in remote Aboriginal Australia.

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‘Yes, I Can’ in remote EAL/D Aboriginal communities

This project aims to increase the evidence base on the role of community-controlled adult literacy programs to improve health and socio-economic outcomes in remote EAL/D (English as an additional language/dialogue) communities in NT.

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Appraising Accreditation Standards for Aboriginal Health Services

This research through the ACCO’s is to search out the reliable evidence on the efficiency and sustainability of accreditation standards in achieving organisational improvements. The project aims to appraise the accreditation standards for Aboriginal Health Services.

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Building an effective support system for sustainable and effective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood services

This project aims to establish a robust Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support system for community controlled early learning services to provide much needed investment and responsive culturally safe supports into the sector. This will increase the availability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early learning services in target jurisdictions through establishment of new services. 

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Towards a culturally secure telehealth model for the Kimberley

This project will oversee the development of a telehealth service provision model for the Kimberley. This model will be informed by Aboriginal people, is holistic in approach, and rigorous, transparent and efficacious in output. To establish a culturally secure and acceptable telehealth and digital service model for Kimberley Aboriginal patients.

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Future proofing tomorrow’s leadership champions​

This project seeks to evaluate the implementation of a pilot ‘Community of Intergenerational Leadership’ program, as well as an Indigenous Leadership and Mentoring Community of Practice. LeadershipFIT have supported emerging leaders to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, organisations and communities.

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Bimiirr Darrundaygu

This project seeks to provide young people in Out of Home Care with a targeted, tailored and culturally safe intervention program and evaluate its efficacy. It aims to develop and evaluate therapeutic child-based skills while enhancing carers’ capacity to meet the complex needs of Aboriginal children and young people in Out Of Home Care.  

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Empowering Ensemble Dutala

This project aims to establish an Ensemble Dutala and associated Programs to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians and composers to come together for culturally safe projects, providing inspiration and mentorship for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

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Community-driven empowerment through mabu liyan – closing the data and knowledge gap

This project builds on the Yawuru Wellbeing Project and aims to contribute toward narrowing the knowledge gap and data gap. Grounded in mabu liyan, Yawuru’s conception of wellbeing, this involved working with Yawuru women and men to co-produce and rank indicators to inform the weighting of a Yawuru Wellbeing Index.

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Creating and sharing culturally-appropriate therapeutic practice guides

The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) provides a number of Child and Family welfare services to Aboriginal people in Victoria. Underpinning this work is a commitment to delivering culturally appropriate and effective services for our clients.

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Feeling informed, connected, supported & heard: Advocacy for aged care in the Torres Strait

The aim of the project is to advance the educational impact and awareness outcomes of older Torres Strait Islanders living in the community through the development of an Information Advocacy Hub.

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Indigenist Health and Cultural Safety Education Research Consortium: Decolonising nursing and midwifery

This project aims to strengthen the evidence base underpinning the need for professional education reform, strengthen Indigenous nursing and midwifery leadership in the complex and intersectional spaces implementing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Curriculum Framework 

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Indigenous media and community listening: Harnessing the power of the spoken word for urban and regional Indigenous communities

The project seeks to discover what role the medium of radio currently plays in the lives of Indigenous communities in urban areas and major regional hubs in Queensland. The project emerged from the recognition that there was little current research about Indigenous community radio in Australia.

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Koori Kids Culture Club

This project aims to evaluate a newly developed pilot after school cultural program in consultation with the local community. The aim of the program is to help children make healthy lifestyle choices through activities that represent Aboriginal culture.

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Mapping the histories of Rainbow Mob (Aboriginal LGBTIQ+) cultures, knowledges and experiences

The Rainbow mob identified that the Indigenous health service sector has failed in its duties to provide safe and appropriate health care programs that target the health needs of queer Aboriginal populations.

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Strengthening the evidence for Family Wellbeing

This project seeks to enhance the evidence base of the Family Wellbeing Empowerment Program and other SEWB programs through methodologically rigorous evaluations incorporating quantitative components, including economic analysis.

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Victoria Aboriginal Language Health Check

This project aims to better understand the status of Aboriginal languages and view on how the Mother Tongue can be continuously maintained and revitalised using the Indigenous methodological approach of Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing through the Indigenous pedagogies of Yarning and Storying in the community.

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Wellness Project and priority setting

The project will integrate an understanding of wellness of person and place, focusing on the seven dimensions within the framework identified by Town Campers as critical to their wellness – keeping Country, Shelter, Identity, Camp/Community Leadership, Knowledge, Healing and Community.

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