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Below we have listed some of the significant speeches and presentations made by Lowitja Institute leaders since 1997.

Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue AC CBE DSG+

The future is in your hands
Lowitja Institute 20th Anniversary and launch of Changing the Narrative in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research
Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue
Canberra 9 August 2017

The Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016 
Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue
Melbourne 8 November 2016

Launch of the Lowitja Institute 
Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue
Parliament House
Canberra 24 February 2010

Challenging assumptions: CRCs as a tool towards shared learning
Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue
CRCA 2001 Conference
15 May 2001

Ms Pat Anderson AO (Former Chairperson)+

14th Lowitja O’Donoghue Oration 2021
Dr Pat Anderson AO
1 June 2021. 

2020 Gandhi Oration Address
Ms Pat Anderson AO
4 February 2020  

5th Annual Ngar-Wu Wanyarra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Conference
Ms Pat Anderson AO
6 October 2019

The Lowitja Institute - International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference
Ms Pat Anderson AO
19-20 June 2019

Address to the Deakin University Summer School
Ms Pat Anderson AO
8 February 2019

NAIDOC 2018 Women's Conference
paper prepared on occasion of the conference
Ms Pat Anderson AO

A separate address delivered to the conference on
12 July 2018

Re-setting the relationship: why we need constitutional change
Dr Charles Perkins AO Annual Memorial Oration
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Sydney 27 October 2017

Our Hope for the Future: Voice. Treaty. Truth.
2017 Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Charles Darwin University
Darwin 16 August 2017

The journey so far
Lowitja Institute 20th Anniversary and launch of Changing the Narrative in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Canberra 9 August 2017

Caring for Country Kids: Building the Foundations for Better Lives for Country Kids
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Alice Springs 19 April 2016

Australian Medical Association National Summit on Alcohol: Alcohol harm and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Canberra 29 October 2014

Annual Conference of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia: Fifty Years on the road to health and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Canberra 9 October 2014

Launch of the Lowitja Institute CRC and office opening speech 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Melbourne 3 October 2014

Symposium: Racism and the health and wellbeing of children and youth – Understanding impacts, finding solutions 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Melbourne 27 June 2014

Address to the NACCHO Healthy Futures Summit 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Melbourne 25 June 2014

2030 – A Vision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Canberra 6 March 2014

Dreaming up the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public health – Racism as a public health issue 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
UNSW Public Health Symposium
Sydney 11 October 2013

A slightly amended version of this speech was also delivered to the CATSINaM Conference, Canberra,
8 October 2013

National Indigenous Cancer Network (NICaN) launch address
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Sydney 4 February 2013

Welcome address Primary Health Care Symposium 'The future of primary health care in Australia: opportunities and constraints' 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Alice Springs 27 November 2012

How respecting rights, respecting the evidence and respecting each other can make change happen
Ms Pat Anderson AO 
1st Biennial Australian Implementation Conference
25 October 2012

Plenary address People’s Health Assembly 3
Ms Pat Anderson AO 
Cape Town, South Africa 6 July 2012

‘Yours in the Struggle’: Aboriginal leadership and the next generation 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
AIATSIS National Indigenous Studies Conference Keynote Address
Canberra 19 September 2011

Research for a better future
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health Conference 2011 Keynote Address
Sydney 5–6 May 2011

Launch of Congress Lowitja
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Sydney 23 March 2010

Keynote address to the Annual Conference of the Australian Health Insurance Association 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
11 November 2009

‘The Intervention’: Some reflections two years on 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Justice Lecture, The University of Melbourne
24 June 2009

Empowerment and closing the gap 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Australian Health Inequities Program – Beyond Evidence on Health Inequities: what works, why and how?
28 April 2009

Address to the International Women’s Day dinner 
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Darwin 7 March 2009

Douglas Gordon Oration
Ms Pat Anderson AO 
Public Health Association of Australia 38th Annual Conference
Alice Springs 25 September 2007

Teamwork works
Ms Pat Anderson AO
NT Divisions Network Primary Health Care Forum
Darwin 26 August 2006

The crisis of vision in Aboriginal affairs
Ms Pat Anderson AO
20:20 Vision Symposium Menzies School of Health Research
Darwin 1 June 2005

Convocation of the CRC for Aboriginal Health closing
Ms Pat Anderson AO
Alice Springs 7 April 2005

Adjunct Professor Janine Mohamed (CEO)+

Lowitja Institute's UNPFII intervention
Janine Mohamed

Greening the Healthcare Sector Forum
Janine Mohamed 

The Great Australian Dreaming - National Foundation for Australian Women’s Annual Dinner
Janine Mohamed 

Lowitja Round Table Meeting Cultural Determinants of Health
Janine Mohamed

Close the Gap for Vision by 2020 
Janine Mohamed 


Mr Romlie Mokak (Former CEO)+

2017 NHMRC Research Translation Symposium (co-hosted with the Lowitja Institute)
Closing Remarks
Mr Romlie Mokak
Brisbane 15 November 2017

A Question of Value: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
The 2016 Medicine & Society Oration
The Cranlana Programme
Mr Romlie Mokak
Melbourne 10 August 2016

An adaptation of this speech was published in the Griffith Review in May 2018.

Past Lowitja Institute and CRC leaders+

Charles Perkins Address Indigenous Affairs and Public Administration: Can’t We Do Better
The Australia and New Zealand School of Government and Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet International Conference
Ms Leila Smith
Sydney 9 October 2017

Address to the CRANAplus Conference: Telling Tales – The power of the narrative 
Delivered by Ms Mary Guthrie on behalf of Ms Pat Anderson AO
Alice Springs 16 October 2015

The Eberhard Wenzel Oration: Empowerment and Closing the Gap
Delivered by Ms Mary Guthrie on behalf of Ms Pat Anderson AO
Alice Springs 5 September 2014

Closing the Indigenous health gap and evaluation: Getting it right and making an impact 
Professor Ian Anderson
Australasian Evaluation Society 2011 International Conference Keynote Address
Sydney 31 August 2011

The Mabo Lecture 2011 
Dr Kerry Arabena
National Native Title Conference: Our Country, Our Future
Brisbane 3 June 2011

Acceptable loss: Accomplishing the mission
Dr Kerry Arabena
The Redfern Oration
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Congress 2011
Darwin 22–25 May 2011

Post‐normal reconciliation – Using science to reframe the reconciliation agenda 
Dr Kerry Arabena
ANU Reconciliation Lecture
Canberra 12 November 2010

The Long Walk Luncheon 2010
Dr Kerry Arabena
Melbourne 8 October 2010

Health literacy: An emerging agenda for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health? 
Professor Ian Anderson
14th Chronic Diseases Network Conference
Darwin 9–10 September 2010

Clinical Partnerships Forum: Indigenous Health Plenary
Professor Ian Anderson
7 August 2008

Statement of apology and speech from Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Male Health Summit 
Mr John Liddle, Male Health Manager, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Alice Springs 3 July 2008

Collaboration with impact 
Mr Mick Gooda
Australasian Research Management Society Annual Conference
Adelaide 19–21 September 2007

Imagining childhood children, culture and community
Mr Mick Gooda
Alice Springs 20 September 2005

Turning the oil tanker: Shifting to user-driven research 
Ms Jenny Brands
Getting Research Right for Policy and Practice 2005
General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference 
Adelaide 27 July 2005

Contradiction, confusion and ironies in Aboriginal affairs
Mr Mick Gooda
Indigenous Health Research Program 3rd Anniversary Seminar
Brisbane 3 June 2005

Sharing responsibility or shifting responsibility?
Mr Mick Gooda – Chief Executive Officer, CRC for Aboriginal Health
National Conference of the Australian Medical Association
Darwin 28 May 2005