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Mibbinbah (Men's Spaces)

Project summary

The Mibbinbah project can be thought of as two distinct but related components: 1) Men’s Sheds/Spaces Pilot Project and 2) Men’s Chronic Conditions Project.

  • The first is a pilot project which seeks to identify, celebrate and discover the characteristics of existing Indigenous Men’s Sheds/Spaces through the employment of local Indigenous Male Project Associates. These Project Associates (PAs) will be trained in the use of participatory action-research (PAR) methods which will help in the developing and sustaining of these Sheds/Spaces during the research program. Further training in Indigenous Leadership, community communication and media, and computer and Internet skills, will enhance sustainability.
  • The second project will seek to understand if and why participation in chronic conditions programs by Indigenous males is improved through association with 'safe' and 'well-facilitated' Indigenous Men’s Sheds/Spaces.

This research comes under the umbrella of the Chronic Conditions program but also has links with the Social and Emotional Well Being program. The Mibbinbah project has been developed and will be deployed under the joint leadership of Jack Bulman (Ngulli Gau-Rema Shed/Space, Queensland) and Rick Hayes (La Trobe University, Victoria). Jack and Rick are leading researchers in non-pathologising approaches to health promotion in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Men’s Sheds.

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Created: 03 May 2012 - Updated: 16 July 2013