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The Lowitja Institute Alumni Project

Over our 20-year history, we have funded more than 100 students through our scholarship programs. These talented scholars have undertaken PhDs, masters by research and coursework, and cadetships. We are now seeking to celebrate their achievements and assess the impact of the program.  

Project participants will be all recipients of scholarships offered by the current Lowitja Institute CRC and its predecessor Cooperative Research Centres. They will have an opportunity to connect with their fellow scholars, as well as provide insight into workforce development, career pathways and knowledge generation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Participation involves an online survey, followed by the option to attend a face-to-face workshop. We recognise the importance of measuring impact in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and want to contribute by providing opportunities for emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, and professionals to learn from their accomplished peers.

As part of this project, the Lowitja Institute will host a dinner in June 2019 for all participants, bringing everyone together for networking, celebration and collaboration.

For additional information about the Lowitja Institute Alumni Project please contact:
Dr Shayne Bellingham – Senior Research Officer
T: 03 8341 5516

If you have any concerns about the implementation of the project and/or the conduct of the project team, please contact:
Dr Sanchia Shibasaki - Director of Research and Knowledge Translation
Telephone: (03) 8341 5504

NOTE: Thank you to all those who participated in the survey. You will be hearing by email from our Research Project Officer, Emma Somerville ( or 03 8341 5517), inviting you to a Alumni workshop on 1 April 2019 and a Knowledge Translation Forum on 2 April; both in Melbourne.

Created: 20 April 2018 - Updated: 19 December 2018