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Australian Integrated Mental Health Initiative (AIMhi)

Project summary

This project aims to improve outcomes for remote Indigenous clients of mental health services in remote Top End communities over five years. Two key interventions are planned over the five years: development of two-way mental health promotion resources (for health professionals, clients and carers) and development of new approaches to service delivery.

Summary of projected outcomes

The primary objectives of the AIMhi project are:

  1. Improved primary care management of mental disorders in remote Indigenous communities.
  2. Improved specialist service delivery to residents of remote communities.
  3. Improved mental health literacy of residents and service providers in remote Indigenous communities.
  4. Increased capacity to manage mental illness within communities.
  5. Development of a research team focused on Indigenous mental health in the Northern Territory.
  6. Enhanced capacity of Northern Territory Indigenous researchers in the field of mental health.
  7. Production of practice guidelines for the management of mental illness in Indigenous communities.
  8. Improved data collection and use relevant to Indigenous mental health.

Summary of project implementation

The Northern Territory project entails:

  • a story-telling project—development of culturally appropriate mental health tools, 2003–08;
  • Remote Service Provider survey 2003 and follow up, 2007;
  • randomised controlled trial of a brief intervention, 2003–07;
  • service provider training in care planning and brief interventions, 2006–07;
  • development of mental health audit for ABCDE project, 2005–06;
  • development of pictorial assessment and treatment tools, 2003–07.

The Lowitja Institute funded the updating of training resources.  It was completed in July 2011.

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