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Victorian Aboriginal Health Service: Young people's health and wellbeing

Project summary

This project supported the capacity development of an Indigenous Research Assistant through on-the-job learning about data entry, statistical analysis and report writing. This in turn supported the completion of data analysis and presentation of the results of the VAHS Young People’s Project (which was undertaken in a number of rounds). The project formed part of the broader scope of work of the CRCAH Capacity Development Strategy.

Summary of project outcomes

The main outcomes of the project for the VAHS was:

  • Increased capacity of an Indigenous Research Assistant to analyse data, write-up results and write reports.
  • Dissemination and use of research results associated with a current study.

Summary of project implementation

The 12 month project supported the employment of an Aboriginal person in transferring data from a questionnaire computer program into a statistical analysis program and generating statistics. This person worked alongside someone familiar with the current study. An individualised Professional Development Plan was developed, and skill development in areas identified in the plan were supported by one-on-one mentoring by experienced researchers.


In September 2011, VAHS launched the following publication, copies of which can be obtained from VAHS:

  • Luke, J., Stewart, P.,Thorpe, R. & Anderson, I. 2011, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Young People's Project: A Study of the Health and Wellbeing of Koori Youth in Melbourne, The Lowitja Institute, Melbourne.
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