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Social Determinants of Health Program

The Social Determinants of Health Program was one of five programs of the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (2003–2009)

Program goal

The goal of the Social Determinants of Health Program is to 'Develop a detailed understanding of the social determinants of Aboriginal health and of the interventions that are effective in improving health status through action on social determinants'.

Program overview

Social determinants of health are the economic, physical and social conditions that influence the health of individuals, communities and jurisdictions as a whole. They include housing, education, social networks and connections, physical infrastructure, connection with land, racism, employment, and law enforcement and the legal and custodial system.

More information can be found about the program in the Program statement and the Social Determinants of Health Brochure.

For more details on the individual projects in this program: CRCAH projects.

Research priorities

A workshop in July 2004 and an industry roundtable in June 2006 contributed to the development of this Program. At the roundtable, group discussions explored potential partnerships and/or activities in areas including:

  • building awareness of the social determinants of Aboriginal health
  • racism and the impact on health outcomes
  • housing and the physical environment
  • education, employment and childhood.

It was also identified that further discussion was needed in three areas not sufficiently represented at the roundtable:

  • education
  • law and justice
  • culture and land.

Program activities

  • The Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (CSDH): International Symposium on Indigenous Health was held on 29–30 April 2007 in Adelaide. This international symposium was hosted by the CRCAH as one of the main activities of the Social Determinants of Health Program for 2007.
  • The papers presented at the Social Determinants of Health Workshop in July 2004 were written up in Beyond Bandaids: Exploring the Underlying Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health (2007).
  • A Prison Health Roundtable was held at AIATSIS, Canberra on 28 November 2007.
  • Social Determinants of Indigenous Health textbook (2007). Further information is available from Allen & Unwin.
  • Fullbright Symposium: Healthy People, Prosperous Country, held on 10–11 July 2008 in Adelaide. Co-hosted by CRCAH and Flinders University.

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