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Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program

The Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program was one of five programs of the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (2003–2009)

Program goal

The goal is to build and strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal families and communities through appropriate interventions, including a better understanding of the role of social and cultural relationships as determinants of health.

Program overview

The focus of this program is to identify pathways and methods whereby resilience can be built on and enhanced to measurably improve the wellbeing and social outcomes or life chances of individuals, families and groups. It is important to understand how resilience is promoted within Aboriginal family and social relationships despite the adverse impacts of social change and colonisation.

For more information about the program, download the Program statement and/or the Social and Emotional Wellbeing brochure. 

For more details on the individual projects in this program: CRCAH projects.

Research priorities

An industry roundtable was held on 7 September 2006 to provide guidance in identifying the priorities for research in this program. Discussions also helped to shape the program statement, which was then presented to the Board on 26 September 2006 to set out the parameters of the program.

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