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Research roundtables

Research roundtables are an important part of the Lowitja Institute's commitment to community-driven projects, and held as part of our approach to research. The Institute invites people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations, government and other stakeholders to provide input on the direction of research being prioritised within each research area.

The objectives of holding research roundtables are to:

  • ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander control of the research
  • provide an opportunity for stakeholders to meet and discuss where research can have the most impact
  • encourage input from a range of perspectives – researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students, Aboriginal health workers – to provide opportunities to share ideas and build understanding of research activities
  • provide advice to the Board on which research questions/topics are priorities
  • identify potential research partners
  • ensure that the research produced reflects the community and government needs so that the research results will be useful to these groups.

The Lowitja Institute and its predecessor organisations have hosted several research roundtables as an integral part of their research agenda setting in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The Lowitja Institute roundtables

Created: 01 August 2012 - Updated: 20 September 2018