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Better Indigenous Genetic (BIG) Health Services project - Policy Brief

Better Indigenous Genetic (BIG) Health Services project - Policy Brief




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Chief Investigators: Prof Margaret Kelaher (The University of Melbourne), Prof Emma Kowal (Deakin University), Prof Ravi Savarirayan (Northern Territory Genetics Service and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services), Prof Gail Garvey (Menzies School of Health Research), Prof Gareth Baynam (Genetic Services of Western Australia), Prof Julie McGaughran (Genetic health Queensland), Prof Hugh Dawkins (Western Australia Department of Health), Dr Misty Jenkins (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute), Prof Yin Paradies (Deakin University), Mr Glenn Pearson (Telethon Kids Institute)

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The rapidly developing field of genomics has the potential to revolutionise how health care is delivered. With increasing genomics capability, the opportunities for positive impacts on clinical medicine are immense (1). Yet, how these impacts are best translated to enhanced patient outcomes is not well defined. There is evidence of significant unmet need for clinical genetics and genetic counselling among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians (2, 3), and where services are available there are considerable gaps persist in terms of the comprehensiveness of those services and continuity of care.