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Canada–Australia Indigenous Health and Wellness - Racism Discussion Paper

Canada–Australia Indigenous Health and Wellness Racism Working Group Discussion Paper and Literature Review






Chelsea Bond, David Singh & Helena Kajlich

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This discussion paper was commissioned by the Canada-Australia Indigenous Health and Wellness Working Group. The aim of the Working Group is to identify priorities related to Indigenous health and wellbeing for bi-national collaboration and action. One of the main priorities identified for collaboration and action is the need to address racism. A sub-group was established to address this priority and to develop this discussion paper.

The aim of the discussion paper, which also functions as a literature review, is to share knowledge and influence bi-national action to address racism experienced by Indigenous peoples of Canada and Australia. Its objectives are:

  • To describe the evidence pertaining to the state of race relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Australia and Canada
  • To identify and describe the factors that contribute to addressing racism in both countries
  • To identify and recommend areas for further investigation. As a discussion paper and a literature review, this work privileges Indigenous peoples, stories and experiences of racism.

In addition to the authors listed above, several members of the Working Group contributed to this discussion paper and are listed in the acknowledgments page.

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