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Smoking cessation in pregnancy roundtable

The Use of Incentives to Stop Smoking in Pregnancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women Roundtable

May 2012, Sydney

There is international interest in incentives as a potential strategy to reduce smoking in pregnancy. In Australia, there is interest among researchers in testing their efficacy, with a particular focus on population groups with high smoking prevalence including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women.

This roundtable — held in Sydney on 28 May 2012 — brought together invited participants from the Aboriginal community controlled health service sector, government, research organisations, antenatal care services and tobacco control. The Roundtable provided an opportunity to hear findings from international research, formative research and proof-of-concept trials in Australia and New Zealand; to highlight challenges and lessons learned to date; and to canvass different perspectives on the use of incentives to reduce smoking in pregnancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

The Roundtable was hosted by David Thomas from the Lowitja Institute and the Menzies School of Health Research and discussions were facilitated by Marita Hefler from the University of Sydney and the Tobacco Control journal.

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