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Indigenous Research Reform Agenda

The Indigenous Research Reform Agenda: A broad agenda of reform to ensure that research provides benefits to Aboriginal people and is controlled by Aboriginal people

The CRC for Aboriginal and Tropical Health (CRCATH, 1997–2003), carried out a significant body of work, which helped to consolidate and articulate what had been a long history of reforms to improve the usefulness of research to Aboriginal people, known as the Indigenous Research Reform Agenda (IRRA). The IRRA encompasses a broad platform of activity, which includes Indigenous health reform. The issues listed below were noted by Humphrey (2001) as critical to the development of Indigenous health reform, and were recognised by the CRCAH as significant to the broader Indigenous Research Reform Agenda: 

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The CRCATH project that articulated the Indigenous Research Reform Agenda (IRRA) was called 'Action research for undertaking, managing and disseminating Aboriginal health research for improved health outcomes' (referred to as the Links Project). This project combined action research on the CRCATH’s own activity, with a broad exploration of national and international approaches to research reform. The results of this project were published in the Links Monograph Series and informed much of the CRC for Aboriginal Health's development:

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