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Investigating cross-cultural responses to the introduction of the HPV vaccine

The aim of the project was to identify issues among parents and guardians from three cultures in Australia, as well as General Practitioners (GPs) in Victoria and Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) in Central Australia and Victoria, towards the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The project focused on three sample populations from Anglo, Chinese and Aboriginal descent. The vaccine – which is highly effective against the sexually transmitted HPV – is controversial because it is most effective when given to girls before sexual activity begins. It was important to understand the attitudes of consenting parents, GPs and AHWs in order to find the best ways to educate different communities and administer the vaccine in these communities. This will reduce opportunities for misunderstanding and misinterpreting the key message.

Summary of project outcomes

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Project leader

Margaret Heffernan

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The University of Melbourne

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