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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health researcher workforce since 2000

A review and analysis of progress in building the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health researcher workforce since 2000

Project aim and objectives  

This project aimed to identify changes in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research workforce since 2000 through:  

Project team 

Project leader: Professor Shaun Ewen  
Project partner: Shannon Consulting Services Pty Ltd  
Administering organisation: The University of Melbourne   
Project timeline: 01/01/2017—31/12/2018  


Project findings and outputs 

Project outcomes   


  • Creation of a national knowledge base on the characteristics and experiences of research training infrastructure for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce.   


  • Hosted the webinar, ‘Further strengthening research capabilities: The significance of peers and commitment overlaps to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health researchers’, on 25 October 2018. It was attended by partners of Lowitja Institute, across the country.   

  • Publication in Human Resources for Health.  

  • The project final seminar took place at the National Conference on Indigenous Workforce Leadership.  

  • Findings were presented at a workshop that is connected to the project to utilise the Australian Health Research Alliance as the basis for establishing an Australia-wide ‘Indigenous Research(er) Capacity Building Network’ that is geared to research translation.  


  • Led to the development of a Draft Action Plan to establish a nation-wide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research(er) network.   

  • This research project and resulting outputs (e.g. publication, summary report) added to the research profile of the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.  


  • Aboriginal researcher Dr Tess Ryan conducted all interviews for the project, was central to qualitative data analyses and writing/reporting, and led oral presentations on project findings, further cementing her advanced skills in research and extending her research profile  

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Project leader

Professor Shaun Ewen

Administering institution:

The University of Melbourne

Completion date: