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Understandings of the social determinants of Aboriginal health: A stakeholder perspective analysis

This research project explored the perspectives of a select group of researchers, policy makers, community-based service providers and members of Aboriginal representative peak bodies on the social determinants of Aboriginal health. It was expected there would be different perspectives and understandings of what is meant by the social determinants of health between the groups, and that a different term may be able to be identified that will have greater meaning and understanding for all of the CRCAH partners.

The project found that:

The research indicated that:

The outcomes of the research were used to inform the planning and implementation of activities in the CRCAH's Social Determinants of Health Program.

The project aimed to improve the understanding of how different stakeholders use the concept of, and communicate about, the social determinants of Aboriginal health, in order to maximise the impact of outcomes from the CRCAH’s Social Determinants of Health Program. It sought to identify:

The project involved semi-structured interviews with a sample of 16 decision makers from relevant sectors in research, government and service provider organisations relevant to the social determinants of Aboriginal health. All aspects of the project were overseen by a dedicated reference group, which also selected the first five individuals to be interviewed. These individuals:

Snowball sampling was used whereby this initial group was interviewed then asked to provide referrals to other people in organisations with whom they had worked in partnership in relation to the social determinants of health. The above criteria were then applied to the next group, who were approached to participate in this study.

Once the initial analysis of the data was completed, the CRCAH brought together the reference group members and an Expert Advisory Group to review and discuss the findings.

Project leader

Scott Davis



Administering institution:

Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health