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Gender equity

Reclaiming strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities through a gender equity lens: a research project  

Project aim and objectives  

This project sought to explore the diversity of current views and understandings of gender roles, gender equity and the role of gender relations in developing respective relationships, in South Australian Aboriginal communities.  


Project team 

Project leader: Amanda Mitchell  

Project partner: South Australian Aboriginal Families Health Research Partnership  

Administering organisation: Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia   

Project timeline: 1/01/2017—31/10/2018  


Project findings  

Project outcomes  

Project outcomes   


  • This was an exploratory study, providing the first documented evidence of views about gender equity from an Aboriginal perspective.  


  • This project will help to raise awareness about the influence of gender in Aboriginal people's lives, including how being an Aboriginal man or woman influence opportunities and experiences in work, family  and  community  activities, as well as the specific experiences and needs of  Aboriginal  people who identify as LGBTIQ. This information is important to understand how policies, programs and services developed for Aboriginal people could be improved to meet the specific needs of women and men. Understanding what Aboriginal people think is fair or unfair will also help to determine whether general policies developed by the government about gender equity are relevant for Aboriginal people.  


  • The findings support Indigenous people to strengthen and reclaim their cultural responsibilities which will contribute to building strong, positive, cultural identities, thus enhancing social and emotional wellbeing.  


  • Two Aboriginal project team members were new to research and were mentored to develop research skills. Additionally, five Aboriginal investigators were able to strengthen their research leadership skills.  

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Project leader

Ms Amanda Mitchell

Administering institution:

Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia

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