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Strengthening the evidence for Family Wellbeing

Gurriny Yealamucka
Project Lead:
Suzanne Andrews (CEO)
Project Theme:
Empowerment, Sovereignty, Connectedness, Cultural Safety & Respectful Systems
Gunggandji Country, Yarrabah QLD
Project Summary:

This project seeks to enhance the evidence base of the Family Wellbeing Empowerment Program and other social and emotional wellbeing programs through methodologically rigorous evaluations and incorporating quantitative components including economic analysis.​

The aim of this research study is to strengthen the impact of Family Wellbeing by generating policy-relevant evidence for sustainable funding This study will be undertaken at two sites: 

  1. Site #1 has been delivering Family Wellbeing intermittently for over 20 years and therefore can provide rich implementation data, while
  2. Site #2 Family Wellbeing is a new initiative for the community.


“The Family Wellbeing project will really evidence base the need for our mob to do the Family Wellbeing program as it will help with job ready, business ready.”
– Suzanne Andrews, CEO and Project Lead

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