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Indigenous media and community listening: Harnessing the power of the spoken word for urban and regional Indigenous communities

Brisbane Indigenous Media Association
Project Lead:
Jyi Lawton (CEO)
Project Theme:
Empowerment and Connectedness
Turrbal Country, Brisbane, QLD
Project Summary:

This project seeks to discover the role that radio as a medium plays in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in urban areas and major regional hubs in Queensland. The project emerged from the recognition that there was little current research about Indigenous community radio in Australia; nor of the importance of radio generally as an oral and spoken-word medium for Indigenous peoples.


“We seek to discover what the role of radio and the multiple forms of digital radio and online media currently plays for these communities. We look forward to understanding further, how these mediums provide connection; access to health information and services; access to information, messages and Indigenous perspectives; and the connection with the broader Australian community.”
- Jyi Lawton, CEO, BIMA



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