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Expert database

COVID-19 presents a new and severe threat to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in a context where their living conditions place them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. With significantly poorer health and lower life expectancy than other Australians there is increased risk of exposure due to living conditions in some locations, and the higher number of comorbidities that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience. Despite these risks, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have demonstrated strong leadership and continued resilience and survival in the face of this newest threat.

The expert database has been developed to assist Aboriginal community controlled health services to search for experts with necessary skills, that can assist and support their community in preventing and managing infections from COVID-19, or other diseases.

The ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to manage this fast-changing pandemic and to recover from it needs input from a range of health professionals, researchers, and academics. If you have expertise that can contribute to these vital health services, to help address the challenges of COVID-19 and support recovery, or have expertise with other diseases and are able to assist with managing and supporting services please register here.

Please note that this is a public database and that your information will be available to anybody visiting this website. The Lowitja Institute takes no responsibility for the content or interactions that may result. This is a National Health Leadership Forum (NHLF) initiative and is provided by the Lowitja Institute.