Please note that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons. development is a collaboration between the Lowitja Institute and Flinders Filters, Flinders University. has been developed with input from experts in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and in bibliographic research methods. A gold standard set of references from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet bibliography was used in its development and testing phases. Validation was undertaken by the expert advisory group, who reviewed the first 500 articles retrieved by the search filter. Eighty one percent of articles retrieved from PubMed were found to be relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The researchers checked the effectiveness of the search filter was by determining how many articles the filter could retrieve within the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse assessed health collection. The search filter identified 93.6% of the items. The final test involved checking how many of the references from a set of reviews dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Islander health the search filter would find. The search filter identified 92.9% of the references.

The project was developed with input from the following groups and individuals:

Flinders Filters

  • Associate Professor Jennifer Tieman
  • Mikaela Lawrence
  • Raechel Damarell
  • Dr Ruth Sladek

Expert Advisory Group

  • Clive Aspin, Senior Indigenous Research Fellow; Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, University of Sydney
  • Karen Atkinson, AMIC Educator, Aboriginal Health Council of SA Inc.; Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses
  • Traven Lea, Special Advisor, Closing the Gap; Australian Medicare Local Alliance
  • Johanna Monk, The Lowitja Institute
  • Arwen Nikolof, The Lowitja Institute
  • Indrani Pieris-Caldwell, Head of Indigenous Community and Health Services Reporting Unit; Closing the Gap Clearinghouse
  • Neil Thomson, Director; Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

Luke Hodge, Media Insights

Simon Patterson, Information Systems Manager and David Branford, Web Programmer/Developer, Primary Health Care and Information Service (PHCRIS)

George Kirby, Technical Support Officer, The Lowitja Institute

Cristina Lochert, Research Communications Manager, The Lowitja Institute

For more information on the development of, please contact The Lowitja Institute through the feedback form or Flinders Filters.

Created: 03 July 2013 - Updated: 23 July 2013