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Completed CRCAH projects (2003–09)

This page lists the projects of the 5 CRCAH programs with links to summaries of many major projects. Projects are listed under each program by title, project leader and administering organisation. The 'administering organisation' refers to the partner organisation that was responsible for administering the project funds. Other organisations were usually involved in the projects. An asterisk (*) beside the administering organisation indicates that a projects was endorsed by the CRCAH as an in-kind project.

A full list of completed Lowitja Institute / CRC for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander projects is also available.

CRCAH projects are listed by Program under the following headings:

Comprehensive Primary Health Care, Health Services and Workforce

TitleProject LeaderAdministering Organisation
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adult Health Check in a remote Aboriginal community (PhD thesis activity)Paul BurgessMenzies School of Health Research*
Access by Indigenous students in Victoria to nursing education (Student)Jill WilsonLa Trobe University*
ACE Prevention – Guiding intervention choices around avoidable disease burden and cost effectiveness of preventionRob CarterUniversity of Queensland
Audit and best practice for chronic disease (ABCD) ExtensionRoss BailieMenzies School of Health Research
Building the capacity of local Aboriginal Communities to develop population health initiativesPriscilla PyettUniversity of Melbourne*
Building workforce capacity to address complex health, housing and social inclusion issues through critical systems thinking and practiceJanet McIntyre and Ann RocheFlinders University*
The burden of disease and injury in Indigenous AustraliansTheo VosUniversity of Queensland*
Capacity building in Indigenous policy-relevant health research (CIPHER)Joan CunninghamMenzies School of Health Research*
A critical analysis of the quality and effectiveness of health care communications between English speaking health staff and speakers of Indigenous languages in Central AustraliaKerry TaylorFlinders University*
Cultivating a concern for cultural competency (Student)Tanya SofraLa Trobe University*
Developing a health information system to support continuous improvement in antenatal care for Aboriginal women in the Central Australian Region [Alukura]Lorraine LiddleCentral Australian Aboriginal Congress
Developing the Indigenous health workforce through Indigenous apprenticeships with DHCSDouglas JosifNT Dept of Health and Community Services*
Developing and testing the tools necessary to deliver PHC maternity services for Indigenous womenLesley BarclayCharles Darwin University
Developing sustainable Aboriginal health research practicePriscilla PyettUniversity of Melbourne*
Documenting the historical significance of the [Fred Hollows] National Trachoma and Eye Health Program (NTEHP) on Aboriginal healthGeoff GrayAIATSIS*
Feasibility of transferring an Aboriginal health program that is successful from one community to another (PhD Student)Jill MitchellFlinders University*
Governance and its role in Aboriginal healthPatrick SullivanAIATSIS
Health service utilisation and linkage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban locations – Stage 1: Developing culturally safe research approachesMichael Bentley, Rae Walker and Bronwyn FredericksFlinders University/La Trobe University/QAIHC
Hospitalised injury of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2000–02Yvonne HelpsFlinders University*
Improving access to continence services for Aboriginal people – A partnership projectMichael TynanUniversity of Melbourne*
Improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleRussell RenhardLa Trobe University
Improving Indigenous participation in and regulation of research – Indigenous research ethics network developmentPaul StewartUniversity of Melbourne
Improving the patient journey – Enhancing accessibility, quality and safety of hospital-based care for Indigenous patients from remote areasMonica LawrenceFlinders University*
Information Atlas project – Supporting effective performance of primary health care services and systems in chronic disease management (Student)Sanchia ShibasakiUniversity of Queensland
Injury mortality of Indigenous Australians; an exploration of data quality and ascertainment bias. [research component of Masters of Public Health] (Student)Jesia BerryFlinders University*
Learning from action: Management of Aboriginal health servicesJudith Dwyer and Cindy ShannonFlinders University
Looking for practical solutions to quality assessment processes for grant and publication review in Aboriginal healthFran BaumFlinders University
Mapping pathways [systems, processes, structures and relationships] that contribute to improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal patientsAlwin ChongCRCAH
The Overburden project – Funding and regulation of primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleJudith DwyerFlinders University
Overseas trained doctors in Aboriginal health servicesPeter HillUniversity of Queensland
Promoting ethical research with Indigenous communitiesPaul Stewart and Ian AndersonUniversity of Melbourne
Putting cross-cultural policy into practice (Student)Fran SmullenUniversity of Melbourne*
Quality standards in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthIan Anderson and Mick GoodaCRCAH/University of Melbourne
Reported injury mortality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, 1997–2000Yvonne HelpsFlinders University*
Research transfer and knowledge brokering in the Indigenous health context – Commissioned by the National Institute of Clinical StudiesJenny BrandsMenzies School of Health Research
Revitalising Health for All: Learning from comprehensive primary health care experiences (international projec)Fran BaumFlinders University*
Sharing the True Stories: Improving communication between Aboriginal people and clinical staff in hospitalsIsaac Brown and Michael ChristieCharles Darwin University
Strong teeth for little kidsPeter MorrisMenzies School of Health Research*
Support systems for quality Indigenous primary health careIan AndersonUniversity of Melbourne
Victorian Aboriginal Health Service: Research capacity development projectReg Thorpe and Paul StewartUniversity of Melbourne
Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander emergency department presentations 2005–2007Nadia Costa (Student)La Trobe University*
Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku (WDNWPT) Project: Developing a culturally safe dialysis outreach program in a remote locationPaul Rivalland and Sarah BrownCRCAH

Chronic Conditions

 TitleProject LeaderAdministering Organisation
Aboriginal Families Study in South AustraliaStephanie BrownUniversity of Melbourne*
Australian Indigenous EarInfoNetPeter Morris and Susie HopkinsMenzies School of Health Research
Burden of influenza and other respiratory viruses among Aboriginal children in the Top EndNaor Bar-ZeevMenzies School of Health Research*
Can swimming pools improve Indigenous children's hearing?Linnett SanchezFlinders University*
Cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in QueenslandPatricia ValeryQueensland Institute of Medical Research*
Cancer in Indigenous Australians – A reviewJohn CondonMenzies School of Health Research*
Centre for Clinical Research Excellence (CCRE) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander StudiesInge Kowanko and Alwin ChongFlinders University*
Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control (CEITC)Viki BriggsUniversity of Melbourne*
Chronic condition management strategies in Aboriginal CommunitiesInge Kowanko, Malcolm Battersby and Peter HarveyFlinders University
Clinical management of Aboriginal people with co-existing diabetes and alcohol-related health problemsCharlotte de CrespignyFlinders University*
A collaborative and international study of bronchiectasis in Indigenous childrenPeter Morris and Gabrielle McCallumMenzies School of Health Research, Queensland Institute of Medical Research and NT Department of Health and Community Services*
Development and implementation of the National Alcohol Treatment Guidelines for Indigenous AustraliansCharlotte de CrespignyFlinders University*
Diabetes and related disorders in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin region (DRUID)Joan Cunningham Menzies School of Health Research*
Differential impact of Australian tobacco management policies for Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations – Is evidence informing Indigenous smoking policy?Penelope Azzato (student)La Trobe University*
Effectiveness of rotavirus vaccine for the prevention of Gastroenteritis among hospitalised children in the NT (Stage 2)Tom SnellingMenzies School of Health Research*
Establishing the prevalence of the Human Papillomavirus infection – WHINursSuzanne GarlandMenzies School of Health Research
Evaluating the use of the Flinders Model of Chronic Care (incorporating care planning and self-management in Aboriginal health services)Malcolm BattersbyFlinders University*
Exploring resilience and coping in relation to smoking within ‘at risk’ populationsGeorge TsourtosFlinders University*
Finding a better treatment for ear disease: Azithromycin versus Amoxycillin for treatment of acute Otitis Media in Aboriginal children (AATAAC)Peter MorrisMenzies School of Health Research
Give your baby a better chance: Innovative testing prior to birthPatricia ValeryQueensland Institute of Medical Research
Healthy Lung Study – Long-term use of azithromycin for chronic lung disease in Aboriginal adultsBart Currie and Graeme McGuireMenzies School of Health Research*
The impact of conjugated pneumococcal vaccine on Pneumococcal Carriage dynamicsAmanda LeachMenzies School of Health Research* 
The impact of prevenar on the incidence of invasive Pneumoccoccal disease in AustraliaVicki Krause and Christine SelveyNT Department of Health and Community Services* 
Improving Access to Kidney Transplant (IMPAKT)Alan Cass and Jeannie DevittMenzies School of Health Research
Investigating cross-cultural responses to the introduction of the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccineMargaret Heffernan (student)University of Melbourne
Meliodosis and PneumoniaBart Currie and Mark MayoMenzies School of Health Research* 
Mibbinbah (Men's Spaces)Rick Hayes and Jack BulmanLa Trobe University
Monitoring and evaluating Aboriginal tobacco controlDavid ThomasMenzies School of Health Research
Pneumonia in Indigenous Children Territory-wide Using Radiological Endpoints (PICTURE)Alan Ruben and Kerry-Ann O'GradyMenzies School of Health Research* 
PneuMum: A randomised controlled trial of pneumococcal polysaccharide immunisation for Aboriginal mothers to protect their babies from ear diseaseRoss AndrewsMenzies School of Health Research* 
Point-of-Care testing in Aboriginal Hands – A model for chronic disease prevention and management in Indigenous AustraliaMark ShephardFlinders University*
Predicting heart attack and stroke for Aboriginal people in Central Australia: Protective factors and risk factorsKevin RowleyUniversity of Melbourne*
Preparation of a national chronic condition self-management curriculum resource kit for use in the Aboriginal health worker and Torres Strait Islander health worker education programsMalcolm BattersbyFlinders University*
Preventing infant deaths among Aboriginal and teenage women in South AustraliaInge Kowanko and Philippa MiddletonFlinders University*
Reducing prevalence of non-communicable disease risk factors among Indigenous AustraliansKerin O'Dea and Julie BrimblecombeMenzies School of Health Research* 
The relevance of an accredited Australian Diabetes Educators Association Course to Aboriginal health worker and Torres Strait Islander health worker education programsMeri KingFlinders University
The self-management component of the National Chronic Disease Self Management StrategiesMalcolm BattersbyFlinders University*
Stress and chronic diseaseYin Paradies and Joan CunninghamMenzies School of Health Research*
A structured systems approach to improving health promotion practice for chronic disease in Indigenous communitiesRoss Bailie and Nikki ClellandMenzies School of Health Research
Transferability of a mainstream childhood obesity prevention program to Aboriginal peopleAnnabelle Wilson (student)Flinders University*

Social Determinants of Health

 TitleProject LeaderAdministering Organisation 
Aboriginal people travelling wellYvonne HelpsFlinders University*
Analysis of representation of Indigenous Australians in mainstream print media. An exploration centred on the social determinants of healthJessica Roberts (student)La Trobe University*
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander urban location and health projectGilbert Gallaher and Michael BentleyFlinders University*
Beyond bandaids: Exploring the underlying social determinants of Aboriginal health Fran Baum, Michael Bentley and Ian Anderson Flinders University  
Evaluation of Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peer education projectMegan WilliamsUniversity of Queensland*
Handwashing campaign Natasha ClementsNT Department of Health and Community Services*
Healthy country, healthy people (health component of PhD thesis)Paul BurgessMenzies School of Health Research*
Housing Improvement and Child Health (HICH)Ross BailieMenzies School of Health Research 
Indicators to improve children’s environmental health in remote Indigenous communities – Stage 1 (Kids’ Environmental Health Study (KEHS))Elizabeth McDonaldMenzies School of Health Research*
Issues of domestic water use in four remote Indigenous communities in South AustraliaMeryl PearceFlinders University
Positive stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ life post-prison release, and design of health-based interventionMegan WilliamsUniversity of Queensland*
Racism and health: Setting the research agendaYin ParadiesMenzies School of Health Research and University of Melbourne
Revitalising Health for All: Learning from comprehensive primary health care experiences – Australian Indigenous project (CAAC site)Stephanie BellCentral Australian Aboriginal Congress
Revitalising Health for All: Learning from comprehensive primary health care experiences – Australian Indigenous project (Melbourne site)Ray MahoneyVictorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
Revitalising Health for All: Learning from comprehensive primary health care experiences – Australian Indigenous project (Utopia site)Sarah DohertyUrapuntja Health Service
Social determinants of Indigenous health textbookBronwyn Carson and Ross BailieMenzies School of Health Research  
Socio-economic and environmental determinants of health in Indigenous communities in the NT (SEEDH)Ross Bailie and Matt StevensMenzies School of Health Research
Stock-take and gap analysis of Indigenous drug prevention researchRussell RenhardLa Trobe University*
Understandings of the social determinants of Aboriginal health: A stakeholder perspective analysisScott DavisCRCAH
Utility stress as a social determinant of health: A study of the increasing cost of public utilities on the poverty and health status of Aboriginal people in urban areas across AustraliaEileen WillisFlinders University
Winunga Prison Health StudyJodie Fisher & Graham HendersonWinnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service *

Social and Emotional Wellbeing  

 TitleProject LeaderAdministering Organisation
Aboriginal spirituality: Aboriginal philosophy, the basis of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing (literature review)Vicki GrievesCRCAH
Analysis of historical and contemporary reproductive health issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescentsKerry ArabenaAIATSIS*
Australian Integrated Mental Health Initiative (AIMhi) Northern TerritoryTricia Nagel Menzies School of Health Research  
Better medication management for Aboriginal people with mental health disorders and their familiesCharlotte de CrespignyFlinders University*
Coordinated Aboriginal mental healthcare: A model for best practice for rural and metropolitan service delivery Inge Kowanko Flinders University   
Critical assessment of I’m An Aboriginal DadPenelope SmithLa Trobe University*
Developing, sustaining and evaluating health programs for Aboriginal menBrian McCoy La Trobe University*  
Empowerment as a strategy for health and wellbeingMelissa HaswellUniversity of Queensland
Evaluation of the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service (CNAHS) Family and Community Healing ProgramInge KowankoFlinders University*
Evaluation of Irrkerlantye Learning Centre: A town-based integrated health and education programMerridy MalinCharles Darwin University
Evaluation of Mibbinbah Men’s PlacesMegan WilliamsUniversity of Queensland*
If local knowledge is the answer, why is it that Indigenous people known locally are still drowning?Scott Miller (student)La Trobe University
Imagining childhood: Children culture and community, Charles Darwin Symposium SeriesGary RobinsonCharles Darwin University *
Indigenous alcohol and other drugs workers wellbeing, stress and burn-outAnn RocheFlinders University*
Our children Stolen Futures: Evidence of intergenerational trauma from Indigenous historical out of home careKim Kilroy (student)University of Queensland*
Parenting support interventions for Indigenous families: Let’s Start extensionGary RobinsonCharles Darwin University
Researching the control factor and the concept of empowerment in addressing the social determinants of healthKomla TseyJames Cook University*
Stories of hope and resilience: Using new media and storytelling to facilitate 'wellness' in Indigenous communitiesSamia Goudie (student)University of Queensland*
Strategic support for strengthening the James Cook University/University of Queensland Empowerment Research ProgramMelissa Haswell & Komla TseyUniversity of Queensland & James Cook University
The role of Aboriginal Community Controlled Primary Health Care Services in developing community capacity in Indigenous communitiesScott Davis (student)University of Sydney*
The role of spirituality in social and emotional wellbeing initiatives: The Family Wellbeing Program at YarrabahAlexandra McEwan and Komla TseyUniversity of Queensland

Understanding the Social & Emotional Wellbeing of Aboriginal Women after Childbirth, PhD research project

Tanya Koolmatrie (student)University of Melbourne*

Healthy Skin

 TitleProject LeaderAdministering Organisation 
B cell antigens Bart Currie Menzies School of Health Research  
Delivery of Certificate 2 in Child Health ResearchRoss AndrewsMenzies School of Health Research
East Arnhem Healthy Skin project Ross Andrews and Chris Connors Menzies School of Health Research  
Facilitated development of a research project proposal to control scabies and strongyloides at GaliwinkuRoss AndrewsMenzies School of Health Research
Filling the gaps in the Healthy Skin program Shelley Walton Menzies School of Health Research  
Investigation of immune responses in mice administered a vaccine designed to prevent group A Streptococcal infections and its associated diseases rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease Michael Batzloff Queensland Institute of Medical Research*
Research towards vaccines for tropical healthDavid KempQueensland Institute of Medical Research*
Reprinting A Handbook of Skin Conditions in Aboriginal Populations of Australia (2001), Allen Green & Delwyn Dyall-SmithMary StuttersDept of Health & Ageing*
Wuchopperen skin studyMark Wenitong and Patricia ValeryQueensland Institute of Medical Research*
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