National Roundtable on Indigenous Nutrition and Preventative Health

The National Roundtable on Indigenous Nutrition and Preventative Health was co-hosted by the CRC for Aboriginal Health and the CSIRO in Adelaide on 4–5 August 2009. The Roundtable was attended by 37 delegates from across Australia, with Indigenous and non-Indigenous representatives from government, academia, community health services, non-government organisations and local service providers. Dialogue at the Roundtable was of great benefit to the CRC for Aboriginal Health and the CSIRO, offering valuable feedback on the priorities around nutrition and preventative health for Indigenous people.

The CSIRO and the CRC for Aboriginal Health made a commitment to delegates that the Roundtable was just the first step in ongoing discussions and collaborations, and their focus is on having a greater impact on health and nutrition outcomes for out Indigenous communities. A working group, led by CSIRO's National Preventative Health Flagship, and the CRC for Aboriginal Health, has been established to progress the insights, stories and knowledge shared at the Roundtable, and call to action policy formulators, researchers and service providers to provide Indigenous communities with better health and total wellbeing outcomes.

For further information, please contact Belinda Wyld at CSIRO Food and Nutritional Services on T: +618 8303 8854 or email, or Arwen Nikolof at the Lowitja Institute.


Final Report: CSIRO's 3rd National Indigenous Science and Research Roundtable, in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health (CRCAH) - Nutrition and Preventative Health in Indigenous Futures, 2009.

CSIRO Media Release, 5 August 2009:

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