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The Full Program includes Keynote Speaker biographies and abstracts. Individual presentations can be downloaded below.

A national perspective from the Aboriginal community controlled health sectorDonna Ah Chee
A national appraisal of Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care servicesSandra Angus & Marilyn Wise 
Revisiting first principles: Applying CQI at all levels of the health systemRoss Bailie 
Strategic quality systems: The key to engaging all staff in creating great care and servicesCathy Balding 
Creating a strategic quality system (interactive)Cathy Balding
Using a quality improvement framework to develop a care pathway for patients following an acute cardiac eventMary Belfrage 
The Victorian Aboriginal Health Promotions and Chronic Care (AHPACC): CQI as a partnership between Aboriginal and mainstream services .Melissa Boag 
CQI in primary health care to improve eye careAndrea Boudville & Mitchell Anjou  
This goes with that – Making sense of your audit dataChristine Connors 
Closing the Gap (CTG) using CQI in an urban Indigenous clinicAnna Cooney 
Six Thinking Hats (interactive) Kerry Copley & Louise Patel
Using a Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle for quality improvement (interactive)Kerry Copley & Louise Patel
Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA) and Beagle Bay Community ClinicKaren Dunmore & Maria Lombardi 
Using CQI to influence clinical practiceBernadette Eaton, Eva Williams & Tracey Parkes
Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation: Experience going through the QIC processLes Evans, Kath Broadbent & Maureen Williams 
Evaluating the health of your health centre: CQI using the One21Seventy Systems Assessment Tool (interactive) Jenny Hains & Sue Ferguson-Hill  
Improving the cultural appropriateness of general practice for Aboriginal patients, a pilot project in rural NSW Todd R. Heard 
Innovations through illustrationsClaire Johansson 
Developing Aboriginal patient journey mapping tools: Managing two worlds together for CQIJanet Kelly  
How can general practice improve? Tangible results through a CQI program in Outer Urban Melbourne Peter Larter
Launching a national eHealth record systemTrevor Lord  
Development of a set of accreditation standards for the Australian remote Indigenous health contextJohn Loudon
Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services – Paving the way in cardiovascular disease managementMarilyn Lyford
Drinking for TwoCatherine Malla & Leonie Williams 
Using One21Seventy CQI tools to effect change in practice and health outcomes: a team approachEstrella Muño
Does the model work for our mob? Investigating the effectiveness of a CQI model in South AustraliaJo Newham
Using an audit tool to assess and guide improvements in health promotion quality (interactive)
A tool for assessing and guiding improvements in health promotion: application in practice (poster)
Lyn O’Donoghue, Nikki Percival & Alison Laycock 
OATSIH perspective on CQI Linda Powell 
More than just data: Challenges in delivering quality primary health care for Indigenous youth Stefanie Puszka, Annapurna Nori & Rebecca Piovesan  
Quality in medicine: The role of the pharmacist in CQIAndrew Roberts  
Use of quality improvement strategies to address endemic rates of STI in remote primary health care servicesBronwyn Silver, Debbie Taylor-Thomson, Linda Garton, Belinda Hengel, Janet Knox, Alice Rumbold, Skye McGregor, Rebecca Guy, John Kaldor, James Ward, on behalf of the STRIVE Investigator Group
Supporting evidence-based clinical guidelines with technology Janet Struber 
Improved results through effective systems, innovative approaches and strong leadership Gail Wason 

Dr Barbara Nattabi attended the CQI Conference and followed-up by giving a presentation at her workplace.  It contains a lot of useful information about CQI and she has given permission for us to upload it here:
Continuous Quality Improvement in Primary Health Care: What does it mean? by Dr Barbara Nattabi

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